MykesPhotos TF Guidelines

First of all, thank you for considering doing a shoot with me. Since you are here reading this, it’s obvious that I like your look and would like to do a shoot with you. Please take the time to read below to avoid any misunderstanding, and make our shoot as smooth as possible.

• First off, I am a glamour photographer. I look for beauty and sexiness in my subject and I try to capture them in my images. I love colors. I’m also a fan of provocative cosplay and geekery. If you are looking for fashion, lifestyle, artistic and all that other crap, I am not the photographer for you…lol. Also, I photoshop all my images to achieve a commercial /magazine cover look. If you like your photos straight from the camera/unedited, we’re probably not a good match.

• I am currently only shooting with models that can provide a location. I can shoot anywhere, indoors, outdoors, even just a plain wall. I can bring backdrops if needed. The place needs to be secluded as I don’t like spectators lol. I am willing to drive anywhere up to an hour away.

• You are always welcome to bring an escort as long as they don’t get in the way of the shoot.

• Not a fan of long shoots. Hour and a half, 2 hours max. 3 looks/outfits, 4 max.

• I do not give out a disc of all the images from the shoot because I do not like others editing images I take. You will get three (3) edited high quality jpgs per look. You get to choose the pics you like right after the session. You will have the pics in 3 to 4 weeks guaranteed.

• I will need you to sign a model release before the shoot, just for my record. And I don’t mind if you want to sell prints of the pics or use them on your paid website, like Patreon or OnlyFans.

• Please be hair and makeup ready when you get to the shoot.

• I don’t mind communicating through email or messages but I will require a cell phone number for times when I need to get hold of you quick. I am not online to check messages 24/7.

• If you need to cancel, please give me a 48 hour notice.

• ‘No show, no call’ flakes don’t get a second chance.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guidelines. Let’s shoot!

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